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Cheese to cherish – Knockdrinna Meadow

‘Yes, but it’s  just cheese.’

This was a sentence that my friend was sorry they ever uttered. I am a lover of cheese, and Irish cheese is the best in the world. If you want to read more about my love for Irish cheese, you’ll find it here:!story/Living/Food%20%26%20Wine/Food%20Special%3A%20Cheese%20revolution/id/d604e221-0d19-4e4c-ae6b-e9ae61fd19e5

Every week, I’m going to share a little something on a cheese I love. My favourite kind of cheese is sheep’s milk cheese, it’s probably as I am unhealthily addicted to salt and the sheep’s milk cheese tend to satisfy it more than cow or goats. One of the most heavenly Irish ones is Knockdrinna Meadow. Made by Helen Finnegan in County Kilkenny, when it is good, it is very, very good. Semi hard, with a little give, Helen washes the rind of Meadow with an organic white wine. Which is a perfect excuse to match it with one. Silke Cropp’s sheep’s milk cheese ‘Creeny’ and Cratloe Hills are also gorgeous Irish sheep’s milk cheeses.


  1. the Wine Store says

    “just cheese” on boy! There is no such thing as “just cheese”


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