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Restaurant: Coppinger Row

We are not equipped for sunshine dining in Dublin. It rains, we are quite aware, thanks.
Neither are we all that equipped for in-between time dining. We’re all clamouring for a table at 1pm or 8.30pm. Does the food taste better at these times? Try getting a proper menu after lunch and before dinner and options are limited.
Coppinger Row gets a big fat kiss for doing both of these. In fact, if I wanted a table at 3pm in the sunshine with a pretty decent menu, I’d go here.
By coincidence, I had recently been here for both those reasons. A sunny Friday evening called for an outdoor table, and then a late lunch meeting meant all rows led to Coppinger.
In the evening, you will inevitably wait to get a table. They are always humming. I’ve never been in company that’s booked ahead, so always end up waiting for a table. It’s actually probably an excuse to try one of their outrageous ‘Flo & Basy’ cocktails with Agave and Elderflower. These should be in the illegal category of delicious.
Coppinger, while I do adore it, the food has sometimes let me down. Granted, it is mainly the specials that have been the risk that have not paid off. So I tend to play safe and go for the dishes I trust. The gambas are fat and juicy and garlicky and buttery, just make sure to ask for lots of napkins. The Dressed Crab and Crayfish with basil, lemon and chilli on sourdough toast is just a perfect balance of citrus and seafood of an afternoon or as a zingy start to a long and lingering evening there.
For mains, I tend to end up with the meatball linguini which is a huge bowl of rich, tomatoey pasta and well seasoned and succulent meatballs. Or else it’s the other beef option of the Sirloin with Parmesan and rocket or for a fine fish dish it’s the Pan fried Sea Bass with fennel, tomato and olives.
If you are dining here in the evening, you will notice the decibel level goes up noticeably with the combination of an increase in the music level, as well as the amount of gorgeous looking people.
N.B. Do not go here for a sweet nothings date/serious chat/break up/consoling a broken hearted friend type of evening. It’s fun and noisy with steam, and high heels and clattering pans, great music and some lovely flirtatious behaviour, particularly at weekends.
Their speciality hot drinks are a worthy way to finish up an evening here. The Picard is my favourite cheeky coffee with espresso, condensed milk, Cognac and grated nutmeg.
Coppinger is cool. It’s a place to feel warm and welcome by their lovely (Read: attractive) staff, eat well and let hours spill by. And if you want to play footsie with your date, they won’t bat an eyelid.

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