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Brunch in Dublin

I adore brunch. It’s the lovely comma after breakfast and before lunch that usually means it’s the weekend. I certainly didn’t grow up with it, and only heard fabled tales from my Mom (she grew up in New Jersey before moving to Ireland) of such things as diners and eggs and breakfast dishes that weren’t a heart clasping fry, and that were served after 12pm.

We’ve now cottoned on to the sheer joy of eggs benedict of a Saturday afternoon and brunch is now an important part of the tapestry of restaurant menus in this fine city. Dublin has got some wonderful options for brunch, here are some of my favourites:

Whitefriar Grill

They had me at ‘anti fear potion’ on their drinks menu. The Whitefriar Grill  is a perfect Sunday brunch spot with a menu that has all the egg dishes you can dream of plus a few little gems like Jack McCarthy’s black pudding waffle with whipped foie gras and plum chutney if you feel like indulging. They have great cocktails, the staff are friendly and attentive and the playlists are brilliant.


I cannot resist the Super Nachos in Dillinger’s. You won’t need to eat before or after them that day if you order them for yourself, and it’s preferable to have someone help you roll home but they are worth it. Their brunch menu is not an afterthought, it’s a cared for part of the restaurant’s day. They serve bubbles and mimosas in the kind of Great Gatsby glasses that will make Saturday brunch fizz and sparkle.


Eggs. Avocado and eggs. Falafel. I love how Fumbally keeps it simple when they describe their food. Achingly hip, it’s jammed at the weekends with those who are flocking for said eggs. They believe in good ingredients and their approach sees a small but perfectly formed menu with every dish consistently good. The avocado and eggs will nourish your soul and do make sure to try their fantastic coffee.

The Exchequer

The Sunday Roast at The Exchequer is the perfect way to finish the week. The carve it yourself roast (I love the chicken because the apricot and sage stuffing is a thing that Christmas dreams are made of) needs to be ordered by Friday and for 49.95 you get your roast, creamy mash, roast potatoes and vegetables and a Sunday soothing elixir of gravy that is utterly delicious. Oh and a bottle of wine. Where would you be going indeed?

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