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The eyes have it – some of my favourite eye creams

We brush our teeth, we comb our hair, we check Twitter and Facebook as morning and nightly rituals, but are we always good enough at putting on eye cream? It’s the most delicate and thinnest skin on our face, and absolutely unforgiving when it comes to ageing. I’m far from perfect when it comes to remembering to use it daily, but it does make a difference when I do remember.

Applying and storing anti-wrinkle creams is important too. Always keep it in cool, dry place (some people like to keep them in the fridge) and apply by dabbing a small amount of cream under the eye and along the contour of the eye bone. I use my baby or ring finger to apply as it’s less pressure, and pat the cream rather than dab on the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner, working up to the brows. Our eyes are the window to the soul, so let’s keep our souls looking bright and shiny.

Here are some of my favourites:

Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate RRP – €56.00

Kiehl’s has long been one of my favourite brands ever since I read Sarah Jessica Parker used Creme de Corps and made sure I bought some on my next visit to the U.S. They’ve got natural, delicious ingredients and their products do what they say. This cream is wondrous and jammed with Vitamin C which is great for tired eyes. I can almost feel the skin around my eyes drinking it in every morning and night.

Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10Plus Eye Cream – RRP €12.49

I have very sensitive skin so Nivea has always been one I can rely on for quality and it’s reasonably priced. The sciencey bit of this eye cream is the coenzyme Q10 which naturally occurs in our skin, but depletes as we age (what else is new). This has been lauded by beauty magazines the world over because it does minimise fine lines and dark circles and helps prevent more. Thumbs up for that.

Clinique – All About Eyes – RRP €34.50

One of Clinique’s bestsellers, All About Eyes de puffs the eyes, nourishes the skin and fine lines and helps with dark circles. I love the consistency, the packaging and you just have that feeling that it’s doing you good.

No7 Protect and Perfect ADVANCED serum RRP – €30.50

You’ve seen the stampedes outside Boots pharmacies on the news, women clawing past one another to get their hands on this little gem. Will it make you look like you’ve never missed a day’s sleep in your life? No. But it will smooth and nourish tiny wrinkles and soothe and cool the eye area instantly. It’s a high street product that’s punching well above its weight, and they used Superhero wrinkle attacking words like ‘Supercharged’ and ‘target deep lines’ making it a firm favourite of mine.


This was originally published on Darren Kennedy’s ‘Help My Style’

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